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Before You Buy

How We Operate

We like to meet all the potential new owners face-to-face, so that we can ensure our babies are going to a good home.
Before the puppies are 8 weeks, and a puppy is chosen, the reservation fee to hold the puppy is $300. When the puppy has it's first shots at 8 weeks, you can come pick the puppy up. Here, the remaining price will be paid, and the contract will be signed. After this, you are able to take your new family member home with you. After 8 weeks there is no reservation, because the puppies are already ready to be re-homed.

Our Contract

By buying a puppy or dog from Spandoodles, you are agreeing to our contract.
Click here to view our contract.


Scams are everywhere. When looking online at other pet websites, be sure to ask for photos with a paper with your name on it to ensure the puppy is real. If the seller can't send you pictures of the puppies playing in the home, or the puppies are always in a kennel with mud that is a red flag!


All of our pups are raised here in our home. Our goal is to breed happy, healthy doodles while also focusing on socialization and temperament by giving them individual attention and love. Ryan is a professional dog groomer and has the puppies acclimated to grooming early on in development. This makes taking the puppies to the groomer much easier on everyone involved. By the time they are ready to go to their new homes, they will have been bathed, blow-dried, and had their nails clipped several times. They will continue to need to be groomed throughout their whole lives.


All puppies are sent home up to date with their Parvo+ vaccinations and treated with de-wormer.

  • Learn more about Parvo here on the AKC website.

  • Learn more about worm prevention and treatment here.

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